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this cant be true!!!
this just cant be happening right now, not now!!!

i was just talking to one of my friends on IM. it was a normal conversation, he was drinking wine and once again we talked about my messed up life but he was totally ok with that, he always is. but then he said : "  somethimes i think u wanna kiss me lol" and i thought it was a joke. he then said that it is a strong wine or its real and then it hit me.
HES INTO ME!!!! oh fuck, fuck , fuck !!! this just cant be happening.
i asked him what was real and he wanted to know what i was thinking  and all i could say was " i dont know"
after that he had to go but he told me hes gonna talk to me about something tomorrow.

i dont want this to be true because i cant afford losing another friend.i only have a few friends left and i so dont wanna give up this friendship because of something like that. i dont wanna know what he wants to talk about , i just wanna keep my friend. this s just not fair , why is my lifw such a mess right now? why? i dont deserve this!!!

any suggestions what to do now???

take care

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I was into my best friend for a year and a half. It never bugged him and we understood how I felt and that he didn't feel that way. Just tell him you're not into him & you're happily in a relationship.

Take a deep breath, because honey, it could be so much worse. Life will figure itself out, I know it doesn't seem like it but it will and you'll be so much stronger.

Also, your ex best friend is not worth your time. If she does not recognize how lucky she is to have you as a friend than she is not worth it. I know it sucks and that you'd rather have her back but instead of getting upset and trying to get her back move forward and understand that you are perfect as you are and that someone would be lucky to know you. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are special.

thanx for your support, you are great! :)
i know that it could be worse but i just dont know how to tell him.we'll see whats gonna happen tomorrow.i'll let u know.

i know that she doesnt deserve me, i know it deep inside but its hard to let go of someone u used to care so much about.

all i want is to my life to be a lil less drama,im tired of it

take care

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