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life and its difficulties !
Hey guys,

i just realized that its been a while since i last blogged here on LJ. Well, I'm back now :)

Im pretty busy with myself lately, i really have to figure out what to study next year and where . its driving me insane because i really dont have a clue where to study. i always wanted to leave home, be on my own far away, i even considered London but now its different. i still wanna move out but im gonna stay close by.i simply realized whats really important in life and who i can count on even in bad times.

Im still with my boyffiend but im not as happy as i was in my last relationship which bugs me a lot, i wonder if its the right thing to be in this relationship. ugh :(

i remember when i was in elementary school. i didnt like guys back then and i wish i would still feel the same way about them today lol
it would spare me a lot of drama and heartache......and tears!!!

i wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!! ( i know its still 3 weeks but i dont care lol)

take care Marie


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