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the not so fabulous life of marie...

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16 June
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Im a 19 year old german soon-to-be student.I love to go out with my friends or simply chill with them at home.i also enjoy reading, im a book worm and i really dont mind it lol.I'm open-minded, funny, out-going, honest and true to myself. I like real people who dont pretend to be something they're not.i love tv shows, i am a series junky, my favourites are Supernatural, Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a half Men etc., too many to list tehm all up here. i also enjoy musi a lotc, im a huge fan of the fray, lifehouse, theory of a deadmen,J.holiday, jeremih, jamie foxx and a lot more :)
in my free time i party a lot because i always meet great people doing that.
if you wanna know more than just ask me
take care