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If you could relive one hour of your life so far, what would you choose and why? Would you do or say anything different? How do you think it would change your life?

if i could turn back time and relive one hour of my life I would go back to the 27th january 2009 to call my dad in the hospital to tell him that i love him even though we were fighting a lot and didnt get along the past 4 years.

he died that day and i didnt tell him how i feel about him, i was too angry at him most of the past few years but now theres no way to tell him that i love him no matter how bad hes been acting.i knew he was gonna die but i pretend to not care but now i wish i could go back to that day to say what  i wanted to.
i dont know if that would change my life but maybe his life. i hope he didnt die thinking i hated him. maybe he would have died in better peace knowing that i did care. i dont know.

my dad didnt see me graduate, wearing my beautiful dress, he will never see me marry or have babies and that makes me so sad that it takes my breathe away.

tell your parents that you love them even though you dont get along because one day it could be too late, thats what i learned in the past 9 months.

R.I.P. Dad


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