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hey guys,

so i broke up with my boyfriend last week because i couldnt do it no longer. i wasnt in love with him and we were too different, i mean there is a good kind of different but we were wrong for each other. he might not see this right now but maybe in the future. we havent talked since than and thats good. i cant talk to him right now, maybe in a few weeks but not the past few weeks all he did was annoy me like crazy and i didnt even want to see him anymore.but he is a good guy.

so today i mailed him. i dont know if hes gonna mail back or not and i dont even know if i want him to reply. i am doing fine without him even though i thought i would  be miserable. my life is going on and its finally headin in the right direction, i applied for universities and now im waiting for their answers.

thats it for today, tomorrow its christmas and our kitchen is packed with food.i cant wait lol

i wish you all a merry christmas !!!! :)


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